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bug in rythm font engraving

From: José Luis Cruz
Subject: bug in rythm font engraving
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2004 22:08:25 +0100


i've just noticed that the visualization of the rythmic section has
changed badly after upgrading to 2.1.5. I searched for confirmation at
the http manual on web page, for being sure if it was my installation
or it was general, and i found the evidence also there.

Seems the stems doesn't realize that the noteheads are rythmic, and

Just look at the .pngs that i attach, captures of the same code
output. But one is compiled with lilypond 2.1.2 and the another is
compiled with 2.1.5. Look at the differences. The stems are not
correctly aligned, and they are too long. The font looks bolder
also... but i suppose that it is a feature ;) isnt it?

I've got the code of manual, so it's correct. I've only added the
paper{} line. And the captures are from the postcript output augmented
10 times.

% Generated automatically by:
% options are quote singleline verbatim
\include ""
\paper  {
  raggedright = ##t
  indent = 0.0\mm
\include ""
up = \notes { \property Staff.midiInstrument = #'"drums"
        crashcymbal4 hihat8 halfopenhihat hh hh hh openhihat }
down = \notes { \property Staff.midiInstrument = #'"drums"
        bassdrum4 snare8 bd r bd sn4 }
\score {
    \apply #(drums->paper 'drums) \context Staff <<
        \clef percussion
        \new Voice { \voiceOne \up }
        \new Voice { \voiceTwo \down }



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