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Re: A small step for guitar chord diagrams: syntax

From: José Luis Cruz
Subject: Re: A small step for guitar chord diagrams: syntax
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 23:37:30 +0100

I am one of those guitarist who would be happier if their favourite
note typesetting program supported engraving of chord diagrams. :)

At first, i would recommend begin making the diagrams only manually..
So we must tell exactly which string on which fret is being played.
Nothing automatic on the way of saying b7 and then you have the
complete pretty diagram (i fear that this would spend more than half
of the total time for developing all the thing) I know many people
would use the automatic thing, so while i would never use it, some
other will find it very useful. I just reccomend don't start by that.

If you could just tell it which symbol you want on which position...
and leave it open... I imagine that it would not cost anything opening
the door for personalization on diagrams by something like:

\property Score.TabDiagram \override #'number-frets = #5
\property Score.TabDiagram \override #'no-string-symbol = #'"x"

This is my wishlist:

- Being able to change the size of the diagram.
- Text of diagram is a markup.
- Setting the glyph i want for dots. (numbers, little black dots, or
big ones)
- Under each string, you can write the text/character you want.
(fingering, note, grade, etc)
- Being able to select the character that marks the unused strings.

if the project it's getting real, i'll think more  :)

So apart from normal chords, which are the ones that 80%? users will
use ever, the rest of us will be able to create our dreamed diagrams

 A arpeggio

x         o
O | | | | |
1 3 5 1 3 5

  A Dorian arpeggio on 1 pos.

  |   |   5   |   |  13   IV
  |  b3   |   |  11   |
  |   |   |   9   |   |
 (1)  |  b7   |   |   |

  C-M7(b9) ->> C-M7(#9)

  X                   X
  |   |   o   |   |   |
  |   |   |   |  b9   |
  |   O   |   |   |   |
  |   |   |   o  (#9) |

      C  Eb   B  Db/D#

Ok. maybe this is not essential at all, but.. would be fantastic to
have diagram support in lilypond. Just one step more for world
domination ;)

If one seems capable to implement it, he maybe want to take a look at
the gchords package for latex. Although very basic, and with some
bugs yet, its the best one i could find, and it's simple and nice.

In moments like this, i would like to be a programmer but... i'm not.

my 2 cents.

José Luis

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