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Re: proof-reading

From: Baron Schwartz
Subject: Re: proof-reading
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 14:50:26 -0500 (EST)
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There's a script called gendiff that's for helping generate patches.  I
recall it being on my old Red Hat system, but I'm sure it's just a shell
script you could get and use most anywhere.

That's really interesting about the origin of the leading capital letters.
 It's surprising what becomes convention and why!


> On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 18:06, Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
>> address@hidden writes:
>> > I just went through sections 1 through 1.3 and offer these
>> corrections.
>> > If there is a better way for me to do this please tell me.
>> Thanks!
>> I've applied them. The format that I prefer is "diff -u", ie. edit the
>> file,
>> and do
>>      diff -u old-file new-file
>> If you do it like this, I can put the fixes in directly.
> Ah, I thought there had to be a clever way around this.  I just tried it
> out on a test file.  Let me make sure I've got it:
> Copy (for safety) the file to be edited.
> Edit and save to a new file.
> diff -u old-file new-file > diffs-file
> Send diffs-file
> Have I got it? Should I send them to the list or just to you?  And it is
> the *.itely files, correct?
>> > [NB Section titles work like titles.  In English all words are
>> > capitalized except for "unimportant" words like "the," "a," "an,"
>> "and,"
>> > "this" unless they are the first word, of course. ]
>> >
>> I know about the convention, but I think is American and not English.
> I almost said "American English" as I thought I remembered seeing it
> different in British publications.
>> However, I also think that it is a poor style, which should go away.
> Well, I grew up with it and am used to it.  German capitalizes all the
> nouns which strikes *me* as odd.
> As for editing, now that I've got an easier way to do it maybe I'll get
> more of it done.  I'm glad to finally contribute something to LilyPond.
> -David
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