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Re: procedures with setters: patches

From: Nicolas Sceaux
Subject: Re: procedures with setters: patches
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 13:36:54 +0100
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Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:57:00 +0100, Jan a dit : 

 > Doing style fixes separately requires quite a bit of dicipline and
 > means extra work (resolving conflicts).  It makes little sense to
 > 'just remember' the files that need style fixes, and fix them in
 > another CVS tree: then it feels more like a LilyPond janitor job, and
 > looking at it that way: why not clean-up another file?  How about a
 > starting small scale janitor project?

If I'am brave enough, I will clean-up the scm files that nettle me
when reading them.

 >> Should indentation be tabified, or untabified (I refer to the emacs
 >> commands)? This time, I have done a C-x h M-x tabify, but in previous
 >> patches, they were untabified.

 > I don't think we have a policy for this.  What do you suggest.

I prefer spaces but it's an unrational feeling.
tabs don't look always the same depending on the editor settings.


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