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Re: Documentation of Architecture / Design?

From: Edward Sanford Sutton, III
Subject: Re: Documentation of Architecture / Design?
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 18:28:27 -0700
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On Monday March 22 2004 06:53, Bertalan Fodor wrote:
> I think advanced users often use this reference, so what about calling
> it Advanced Reference or a similar name, which is from a user's point of
> view.
> > I have also misinterpreted the name "Program Reference" as
> "Programming
> > Reference". I don't really have any better suggestion, though.
> > A long name could be "Full documentation of all contexts, objects,
> > properties, ..." but we need something shorter.

Well, what about the program is described in the reference; is it about 
advanced useage, is it trying to be an entire syntax reference? A suitable 
name can probably describe what it is all about.

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