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Re: jazz articulations - 'fall'

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: jazz articulations - 'fall'
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 12:46:02 +0200
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Since nobody else has answered yet, I hope you realize that your
feature request is just one out of many feature requests and
bug reports for LilyPond. If you take a look at the mailing list
archives for this list, and for info-lilypond, you'll see what's
considered most urgent for the moment. The most common reason that
a new feature is implemented in LilyPond is that someone finds it
interesting and/or urgent enough to spend the time to implement it
or that a large number of people on the list have requested it.

When it comes to your scanned example, I'm afraid it's not very
useful, since the main implementors have very high ambitions on
the graphical layout of the musical font. See for example what
Han-Wen wrote in
I also recommend that you read the Essay starting at


Chip wrote:
Back on Oct 7 I sent a sample of the articulaton for a 'fall' used in jazz and other modern music styles. I see it in the archives and am wondering what the status is, I haven't received any confirmation or notice regarding the message. I don't know if I should be expecting such a thing.
thanks and regards,

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