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[PATCH] Tablatures and beams

From: Erlend Aasland
Subject: [PATCH] Tablatures and beams
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 03:54:19 +0100


I noticed that beams in TabStaff context are much bigger than beams in
normal staffs. A little grep'ing shows that ly/ sets
StaffSymbol.staff-space to 1.5, which in turn seems to increase the
beaming size. I've made a workaround to this problem by overriding
some beaming settings (thickness and space-function) in
ly/ A patch with this workaround is attached, and in
my opinion this makes tablatures look much nicer, specially when using
normal staffs and tabstaffs in the same score.


  Erlend Aasland

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