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Re: Feature request - extended ties, addendum

From: Matevz Jekovec
Subject: Re: Feature request - extended ties, addendum
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 21:10:06 +0100
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Steve D wrote:

Hello Han-Wen, all--

Han-Wen, if you do decide to consider my previously mentioned feature request (if it seems like a worthy feature and feasible to you in terms of coding complexity, and worthy of your time when I'm sure there are many things that vie for your attention), I guess I ought to add a few comments to what I have already written about extended or deferred ties (in piano score notation, for example)--

Is there actually a need to integrate the \extendedTies block? IMO, there should only be a usual ~ tie simbol, which should work until the first same-pitch note. I attached a screenshot of NoteEdit way making ties. You hit the tie button and it holds until the first note, which has the same pitch. It currently only works for the 16th and triplets. No support for acacciatura/apoggiatura yet.

My 2 cents:)
- Matevz

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