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Font problems with 2.5.27 on MacOS

From: Matthias Neeracher
Subject: Font problems with 2.5.27 on MacOS
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 20:36:53 -0700

It seems the changes in font.scm were harmful to MacOS X. On processing, I get:

warning: don't know how to embed "Verdana"="/Library/Fonts/Verdana"

and in the resulting PDF file, the chord names look weird (I believe it's Verdana substituted with Courier).

This seems to be related with pango default font lookup, which I don't understand very well, and with the fact that native fonts don't seem to be handled well by the open source tool chain.

Any suggestions how I could fix this? Should I just add a patch for MacOS to revert to Luxi for the sans serif font?


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