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Re: Ignorant font question

From: Doug Asherman
Subject: Re: Ignorant font question
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 16:47:04 -0700
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W.Scheinast writes:

Am 10.06.05 schrieb DougAsherman:

> I'm still in a quandary: where does one get a free font that matches the
> 'Century Schoolbook L' that should be the default font for 2.5.x?

> 'Century Schoolbook L' _is_ a free font. Don't you have Ghostscript
> installed? It is one of the Ghostscript standard fonts, located in
> /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts/ in the files c0590*.pfb.

> On Ghostscript's home page you will
> find the font package in .tar.gz form.

I do have Ghostscript installed and the fonts are in
/usr/share/ghostscript/fonts; however, Lilypond is not finding those
fonts; it defaults instead to a Sans-Serif TTF font in

Thanks for the advice anyway.


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