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Ignorant font question

From: Doug Asherman
Subject: Ignorant font question
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 22:09:26 -0700
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I'm still in a quandary: where does one get a free font that matches the
'Century Schoolbook L' that should be the default font for 2.5.x? I can
get 'Century Schoolbook' with a Windows install; but that means I have
to have scheme code in my \paper block or change the name of the font in

I'm sorry if this question has been answered before; I can't seem to
find the answer.

Oh, yeah, I'm running:
Lilypond 2.5.30 under Linux (Slackware). If the teTeX makes a
difference, it's 3.0. I've also compiled the ec fonts from scratch.



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