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Re: Auto-beam in 2.6

From: Stephen
Subject: Re: Auto-beam in 2.6
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 23:08:25 -0500

I believe revert- works like every other revert and only reverts a previous override, restoring the default, not reverting the default itself. After all, revert means to go back to a previous state, not to establish a state.

#'(override-auto-beam-setting '(1 16 4 8) 3 8 'Staff)
#'(revert-auto-beam-setting '(1 16 4 8) 'Staff)


----- Original Message ----- From: "Mats Bengtsson" <address@hidden>
To: "Joe Neeman" <address@hidden>
Cc: "Lilypond Devel" <address@hidden>; <address@hidden>
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 4:29 PM
Subject: Re: Auto-beam in 2.6

revert-... will only remove start/stop points that have already been
defined earlier and as far as I can understand, you have to use exactly
the same parameters (for example wildcards or absence of wildcards) as
in the already existing settings. In other words, you have to go into
the file /usr/share/lilypond/2.6.0/scm/auto-beam.scm (or wherever the
file is installed on your machine) and see exactly what default settings
are done there if you want to remove one of these defaults.

I send a copy of this email to lilypond-devel, since your question
shows how user-unfriendly this interface is for the moment.


Joe Neeman wrote:
override-auto-beam-setting adds an extra beam start/break point
revert-auto-beam-setting removes a beam start/break point (but doesn't
seem to like wildcards)

Actually, I still have a couple problems understanding things:

%%% This beams straight through the 3rd beat, as expected
\time 4/4
#(revert-auto-beam-setting '(end 1 16 4 4) 3 4)
\repeat unfold 16 a16

%%% This still breaks the beam at the 2nd beat!
\time 4/4
#(revert-auto-beam-setting '(end 1 16 4 4) 2 4)
\repeat unfold 16 a16

I also have some problems with setting the beginning of a beam:

%%% This should prevent the beam from starting on beat 3, right?
\time 6/8
#(revert-auto-beam-setting '(begin 1 8 6 8) 3 8)
\repeat unfold 6 a8

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