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Re: building lilypond.exe to test WinME fixes

From: Brynne and Russ Jorgensen
Subject: Re: building lilypond.exe to test WinME fixes
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 23:19:46 -0600
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
Brynne and Russ Jorgensen writes:

I did some experimenting with some simple tst.c programs in regards to
the problem with lilypond.exe not working under WinME unless stdout
has been redirected to a file.

Great.  Btw, did you see Basil's mail about setting CYGWIN=tty?  Sure,
this only affects when running from the Cygwin promp, but it is

No, didn't see it. I don't know enough about what CYGWIN=tty does to have much idea if it helps debug the problem...

Does lilypond not run at all, is this the latest version only?  Why
didn't we catch this before?  Sacha reports that lilypond works, but
gs does not generate PDFs on Windows ME...

This has been happening since 2.5.27 - that's the main problem I've been trying to overcome. I don't think the problem is with gs not generating a PDF, but rather with lilypond not being able to execute gs - it pops up a dos-box with an error message something like "no such program or command". Redirecting lilypond stdout to a file seems to "fix" the problem, but it's kind of kludgy. As I mentioned before, redirecting lilypond stdout to nul doesn't work, but I think I now know why. It turns out that under WinME command prompt, if it thinks you're executing a GUI app, then even if you run > nul
it doesn't actually open a handle to the nul device, but instead just leaves stdout set to an invalid handle. So, what I was thinking of doing is something like this in lilypond main():

        /* send stdout to nul device */
        freopen ("nul$", "w", stdout);

This shouldn't cause problems on other versions of Windows, but if we wanted to be super conservative we could conditionalize it for just Win9x/ME.

I'm trying to get set up to compile lilypond so I can experiment with possible fixes. I got it far enough I can probably start testing (it's tracing fonts right now, and I have to reboot after every couple of fonts - looks like some resource is leaking cause it eventually bombs out trying to create a pipe to gf2pbm...). Anyway, I copied the lilypond.exe I just created over to my lilypond/usr/bin directory, but it's not acting at all like the binary I downloaded from My guess is that ./configure didn't quite get everything set up right, because 1) it acts more like a console app, 2) it outputs the Lilypond version to the screen, and 3) then it bombs out can't find lily.scm. I'm using cygwin as my development platform. Do you have suggestions about how you get it correctly configured under cygwin development environment? I don't think it even linked with -mwindows, so at the least I need to do some tweaking. Any suggestions would be welcome.


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