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Wish to give up my Cygwin maintainer position

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: Wish to give up my Cygwin maintainer position
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 12:00:10 +0200
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Dear developers & users of Lilypond,

as you can see, it takes more and more time for me to release a
packaging of lilypond for cygwin. It has several causes:
- I'm getting less and less spare time, because of changes in my job and
my family
- I'm not a Unix guru
- I can't really follow the changes in the structure and the build
procedure of lilypond
- I'm using the native version now

I would like to spend more time with
- developing LilyPondTool for jEdit
- earning money, which I can donate for the development of LilyPond
- cooking patches for LilyPond

I'm planning to regularly build a version of LilyPond for cygwin,
because I think I will use it for creating my patches, but maintaining
would take much more time, because I would have to make it work for
everyone, make it conform to the cygwin-structure, read the cygwin-list
etc. That's what I don't have time for.

So I wish to give up maintaining the Cygwin package of Lilypond. I think
it should be taken by someone, who still prefer the cygwin package on
the native version. I could share my experiences with him/her, to help
taking maintainership.


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