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Lilypond on MEPIS

From: Eddie Z
Subject: Lilypond on MEPIS
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 23:16:25 +1000
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I have recently moved to Linux usiing MEPIS KDE Debian whatever.
Every time I find software that looks like it might be fun to investigate or even learn how to use I get to the installation and then have no idea how to move on from there. Now I come across LILYPOND 2.6.4 and find the same problems. Everything I read says how easy LINUX is to use. Well I must be brain dead because I am studying, "The Complete Idiot's Guide, Moving to Linux and Linux for Dummies", and yes it all takes me so far and then?????????

Now I am reading your various documentation and honestly have no idea which way to go.
Is there anyone who can help?

Eddie Z (very desperate)

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