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Stemless music with slurs

From: Michael Welsh Duggan
Subject: Stemless music with slurs
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 22:18:45 -0500
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I've been trying to typeset some English chant in a sort-of
intermediate notation between standard notation and Vaticana neumes.
The follownig piece is an example:

Description: Text document

Now, there have been situations (although not in this piece) where
slurs will look awkward due to their avoidance of the (invisible!)
stems.  Now, the best thing to do would be (IMHO) to remove the
Stem_engraver.  Unfortunatly, in its current incarnation, slurs
segfault when Stem objects are not created.

Example follows:

Description: Text document

I have traced this to Slur_score_state::get_bound_info, where the
following segfaults:  

          extremes[d].stem_ = Note_column::get_stem (extremes[d].note_column_);
          extremes[d].stem_dir_ = get_grob_direction (extremes[d].stem_);

I would like to fix this, but have not yet been able to figure out
what all the elements in a Bound_info are for.  Any pointers would be
very welcome.

Michael Welsh Duggan

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