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Vaticana ligatures / spacing / other...

From: Michael Welsh Duggan
Subject: Vaticana ligatures / spacing / other...
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 12:05:54 -0500
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I am coming up to a point where I am going to be needing to use
LilyPond to typeset a great deal of Editio Vaticana-style chant
notation.  I have been reading the associated code in preperation for
delving in and making some fixes, but I wanted to see what work
Juergen might already have on this outside of CVS before I started
reinventing the wheel.  Some of these may already be working; I have
not tested all of them in the current version.  Also note: my interest
in typesetting chant notation is in the nature of a hobby -- I should
not be considered an expert.  As a result, any suggestions below may
be the result of my misunderstanding of "the way things are really
supposed to be".  I certainly do not mind being corrected.

Ligature spacing: as has been mentioned before, coherent ligatures (at
least of the vaticana variety) should act like a single un-breakable
paper column, but should not receive extra spacing based on the number
of notes within the ligature.  I am interested in getting this
working.  I can start with the TODO notes in

Breaking: when typesetting chant notation, we should be allowed to
break after any note or ligature, but with preference on the breath
marks. (Actually, ideal would be to try to only break on word
boundaries, but there's no simple representation for that right now.
Something to think about later, I guess...)

Ligature melismata: the ligature should act as automatic melismata for
purposes of setting text.

Punctum-mora stacking: Punctum-mora (dots) should stack nicely.

Accidental engraving: Should act as mentioned in the TODO in

Michael Welsh Duggan

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