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Re: Polyphony lyrics

From: Don Blaheta
Subject: Re: Polyphony lyrics
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 13:43:42 -0600
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Quoth Mats Bengtsson:
> Probably since the Voice context "1" created for the c, dies directly
> after that note, since there are no more events directly following the c.
> Then when the g appears, a new Voice context with the same name is
> created but since the earlier one with a same name has already been
> removed, you actually get a completely new context.

Oh!  This is what I would have expected originally, but it seems to
directly contradict what is said in the manual, section 6.6.1 "Basic

> The additional  \context Voice = "1" {s1*2} just makes sure that the
> context is kept alive long enough.

I see.  I think I'm now understanding the historical and programmatic
reasons for the "s1" construct (finally), but as a user I still find
them slightly confusing and very hacky.  I'll see if I can come up with
something better. ;)

Updating my running summaries, the key thing to change is that the
existing context with a given name has to not only exist, but have a
temporal extent that includes the "now" position, in order to switch
into the existing context.  Right?

> A better solution is perhaps to explicitly instantiate and name the
> context for the second voice:

No doubt, but my original reason for this was to make a certain sort of
lightweight annotation.  Once I get my Scheme hacking up and running,
I'll probably do just this (although I would have run into the exact
same problem if the contexts were named...).

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