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Re: Lyrics alignment, stanza numbers, metadata

From: Don Blaheta
Subject: Re: Lyrics alignment, stanza numbers, metadata
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 14:31:54 -0600
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Quoth Mats Bengtsson:
> For some reason, LilyPond gets confused by your construct
> \new Voice {
>   \relative {
>     \time 6/4
>     \key f \major
>     \context Voice = "refrain" { ...
> If you replace \new Voice by \context Voice = refrain in your \score
> block, then the alignment of both stanza numbers and syllables is
> correct.

The original reason I started doing it that way was I had a couple of
songs whose verses came after their refrain, and I had no actual
understanding of how Voices work, or that they didn't nest, or anything
like that. :)  Your suggestion won't quite work for the refrain-verse
structure I note, but there are others that will.

> Also, note that a Lyrics contexts cannot be put within a Staff context.
> For some reason it happens to work anyway in your example, but I
> have seen strange results from such mishabits.

I assume it's being promoted to a sibling context just like "nested"
Voices are, but that's another thing that I didn't know until I really
started banging on edge cases to understand the internals.

(I will share the following story: as I was looking around the website
to find out how to help with the documentation, I saw the page that said
that "The docs for lyrics suck!" isn't a very useful suggestion, which
was funny because that was *precisely* what I wanted to say.  But I'll
have some more useful comments on that anon. ;)

> >3) The metadata permitted in \header seems ill-suited for a lot of the
> >stuff I'm typing in (old churchy stuff, mostly).  [...]
> I usually don't bother so much about the names of the different fields.
> Often, you can use a field like poet for something else. Note also that
> you can easily specify several lines for each field using text markup,
> for example
> poet = \markup{\column \line {Aaaa Bbbb, v1,3} \line{Cccc Dddd, v2,4 }}

Ah, didn't realise that.  I'm kind of a metadata snob, and I hate mixing
content and presentation like that, but if that's the way to do it
that's what I'll do. :)

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