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ties, chords, and multiple voices

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: ties, chords, and multiple voices
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2007 09:29:12 +0100 (CET)

How can I pass a slur from one voice to another one?

Look at this example, something which happens quite often in piano or
organ music:

  \relative c'' {
    << { <c_~ g'~>1      |         <c_~ g'~>1 | <c g'>1 } \\
       { d16 e8. ~ e2. ~ | \stemUp e1 ~       | e1      } >>

Starting with the second bar I would like to handle the middle note
together with the other ones -- first, it's much more natural to
input, and second, more importantly, lilypond would then handle ties
correctly, avoiding collisions with other notes of the chords.

With other words, I would like to have something like this (assuming
that the upper voice is called `1', and the lower one `2'):

  \relative c'' {
    << { <c_~ g'~>1      } \\
       { d16 e8. ~ e2. ~ } >> |
   \tiesFrom #'("1" "2") <c e g>1 ~ |
   <c e g>1 |

I'm not aware of a solution to the tie problem except manual tweaking
of the slur, which is extremely sensitive to reformatting (just think
of slurs broken across staves).


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