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Re: / has funny titles?

From: Daniel Tonda Castillo
Subject: Re: / has funny titles?
Date: Wed, 03 Jan 2007 13:33:21 -0600
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Jan Nieuwenhuizen escribió:
Hi Daniel,

Congratulations on finishing the Spanish site, we now have 4 complete

You're probably working on this (saw your git efforts), but to a
non-spanish speaker as myself this looks a bit funny (divider lines by me)

   Sumérjase en ...      de LilyPond
   la Etiqueta           de la impresión de música

Wher the English site has:

   Dive into ...   |    Ms. Manners
   the LilyPond    |    of Music Printing
Francisco also commented on that. The way it is displayed in english seems that one reads the title as:

Dive into... The LilyPond Ms. Manners of Music Printing, yes?

The order of the words in Spanish, would be:

Sumérjase.. en la etiqueta de LilyPond de la impresión de música.

It also could be said:

Sumérjase... en la etiqueta de la impresión musical de LilyPond.

Ms. Manners is akin to "etiquette" (there's no such thing as Ms. Manners in Spanish).

We're working on a better way of putting it.
It seems that the titles of the two columns are printed over both


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