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Re: translation update

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: translation update
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2007 18:28:42 +0200
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John Mandereau wrote:
The only common thing between sources and LilyPond sources
is the repository.  It's better to create another local
repository for the LilyPond sources, so you can work simultaneously on
the site and on the program sources without switching branches all the
time.  The most important branches are master (used for the development
release) and stable/2.10 (used for 2.10.x releases); keeping these
branches in the same local repository makes maintaining a translation or
documentation in both branches easier.

I did according to the README in the web/master:
I made a directory, made there git init-db (with git 1.5), then git fetch git:// master:maste
and then
git checkout mymaster master
There is now only the issue that I called my personal part maste without the r. Is this somwhat harmfull or can I just leave it?

Anyways, I got I bunch of files, this looks really good. But I didn't find yet the documentation: as far as I understand it should be documentation/user. So there is a lot of *.itely files. But what is now better to translate: the this documentation (that I understand as being called via info?) or the document that you can find in the internet. And where do I find the sources for the latter?

The German translation for the lilypond engine is done already anyways. And it's working, at least in my bash.(or do they have dash in ubuntu nowadays?)
Btw, here is the output of 'make LANG=de check-translation' with latest  Can you please fix the "bad" committishes before or
when doing the next translation update please? See discussions with
Daniel about the same problem for some hints.
Well I hope it is correct what I did: just exchanging the commitishes with the output from git-rev-parse web/master. Did this in the first patch of the three I sent you today.


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