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Re: Lilypond font design

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: Lilypond font design
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 20:23:35 +0200
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Karl Hammar wrote:
Is your goal, like Guthenburg, to make a few e's etc, to simulate the
variability of handwriting also?
Would that be possible within lilypond?
Well, I don't know yet -- it would definitely be userfull for the samples taken from handwritten fonts. But what rules apply for the substitution? And should the font handle it itself (otf-features, maybe), or should it be built into lily?

Btw, I have found an antiqua font:

which could be useful. The copyright seems to be

  Hope the ghost of Guyot looks good enough for your designs. Have a
  blast with it. If you use it commercially, give something to your
  favourite charity, will ya?

I will try to make it usable within lilypond, though I don't know how to
handle the diftongs or the cases where there is two variant of the same

So far I thought only about the notation fonts, but you are right, there should be also a nice looking roman font. DayRoman would be nearly perfect for imitation of printed editions from the 16 century. About the copyright I am not so sure -- lily should per default only inlcude parts that can also freely be used for buisness stuff. On the other hand the sentence doesn't oblige anybody but is a mere whish.
Is any who knows how to include tex's yfrak frakture fonts?
Couldn't they be converted to otf and then used easyly via the system installation for fonts or then included into lily as a choice. Actually how did Laura Conrad use her "Fraktur" fonts in LilyPond?


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