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Lilypond font design

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Lilypond font design
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 21:57:29 +0200
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I was wondering if I could start some contribution to the medieval
notation support via redesigning the fonts that in my opinion don't look
very good. Especially referring to the mensural notehead style (I think
the petrucci looks quite fine, but neomensural and mensural heads are
lot too small and also a bit boring, eg. too conform). I know there are
thouthands of styles due to the fact that everybody wrote their own
style, but we might choose from them one  that would be really nice
looking (kind of the same as the feta font does). I am not yet quite
finished with my thinking how the heads really should look, but I think
a really nice overall look gives the Copenhagen chancionnier, Burgung,
late 15th century. Compare for example this page:
or others from this book.

So I would like to hear some opinions on this issue and also some hints
about how Lilypond's fonts work (fontforge doesn't show any glyphs on
the emental and I have no idea how to open svg fonts nor how they work).

Also other issues about the mensural notation support could be solved,
especially spacing (as in the picture), then those ligature issues. And
it would probably be convenient to have also a kind of init file same as
for the gregorian notation style.

On a later plane I would also like to have integration of other styles
of mensural notation, even starting from the modal notation of the 12th
century France.


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