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doc addition

From: Bertalan Fodor
Subject: doc addition
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 09:29:51 +0100
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In section 13.6 Editor support I propose the following modifications.


- Because LilyPondTool has the most most features and generally (at least on Windows platforms) it requires almost no configuration, I would list it as the first.
- Remove the jEdit part and write the following instead:

Created as a plugin for the jEdit ( text editor LilyPondTool is the most feature-rich text-based tool for editing LilyPond scores. Its features include a Document Wizard with lyrics support to set up documents easier, embedded PDF viewer with advanced point-and-click support (e.g. ruler), structure browser with code folding, instant parser that finds syntax errors while typing, automatic code completion for commands and tweaking properties, and many more. The simple way of installation is from jEdit, choosing Plugins > Plugin Manager and checking LilyPondTool from the install tab. However, most times jEdit plugin repository will not contain the latest version, so you should check LilyPondTool's official page ( for the latest version and its installation instructions. Screenshots and Flash demonstrations are also available at that site.

- The part "All these editors can be made to jump into the input file..." is confusing, because LilyPondTool can not be made to jump into the input file, but jumps out of the box. So I would write

Using these editors you can jump into the input file to the source of a symbol in the graphical output. LilyPondTool provides this out-of-the box, using its embedded PDF viewer, but Emacs and Vim needs special configuration. See Point and click <>.



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