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Re: proposal: second style for quartertone accidentals

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: proposal: second style for quartertone accidentals
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2007 14:20:01 +0100
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Orm Finnendahl schrieb:

>  thanks for pointing that out. That's exactly along the lines I was
> thinking. Is anybody capable of doing the scheme/lilypond code? I
> don't know Metafont yet but I think I could handle that part and throw
> in the glyphs (they are currently PS Type1).

Well, I'd be delighted to give it a try because this sounds exactly like
the kind of rather easy task which merely distracts the core team from
doing more difficult and really important stuff but gives newcomers like
me a chance to play around a little with the code and possibly even make
a useful contribution.

So I'd very much like to have a look at it. (Shouldn't be too hard since
it even seems to resemble a lot the small changing of the NoteHead
styles I just submitted). If I am unlucky, however, it may take a few
days before I get around to it due to an upcoming examination and my
thesis lagging way behind my plans. So if anyone else is faster - go
ahead. This is just to tell you that if nobody is interested, I'll most
probably give it a try.

The quick glance I had last night seems to suggest that apart from
adding the metafont source of the new accidentals (which Orm proposed to
do) one would simply have to add a new alteration-glyph-name-alist to
scm/output-lib.scm and adjust the code where this is set according to
the Accidental's style property.

However, greping the source code I was not able to find this particular
piece of code. Does anyone have a hint? Oops, update: I just found that
in python/ all occurrences of,

   Accidental #'style = ...

are changed into

   Accidental #'glyph-name-alist = #alteration-...-name-alist

. So it seems that the use of "Accidental #'style" is deprecated and one
should set the alteration-alist directly. (But changing the style
property still works in v2.11.13, even if I don't know why, given that I
couldn't find the code handling it). What is the reason for this? To me
the former notation seems much more intuitive and easy to use.

BTW, the alteration alist of the default accidentals is called
"standard-alteration-glyph-name-alist" instead of
"alteration-default-glyph-name-alist". This is handled incorrectly in
python/ so far. But I'll also repost that in a separate
message (if it has not yet been reported).


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