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calculating relative pitch after polyphony measures ...

From: Xiaoyu Ding
Subject: calculating relative pitch after polyphony measures ...
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 21:22:53 +0000 (UTC)
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In Lilypond document, it says:

Polyphony does not change the relationship of notes within a \relative { } 
block. Each note is calculated relative to the note immediately preceding it. 

\relative { noteA << noteB \\ noteC >> noteD }

noteC is relative to noteB, not noteA; noteD is relative to noteC, not noteB 
or noteA.

But in the following section, the last line's c note seems to be relative to 
the as8 in the first voice instead of relative to as4. in the second voice.

Could you explain why that's the case?

bottom =  \relative c {
 \override TextScript   #'padding = #2
 \key as \major
 \time 2/4
 \clef bass
 as4( des |             %1
  << {
  c16 es c es c f c f |
  des f des f bes, es bes es |
  r es g es as8 r |
 } \\ {
  c,8 c f,4( |
  bes  es,) |
  as4. r8 |
 } >>
 r16 c c c c c c c |            %17



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