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Re: Reorganizing the contents of the \paper block

From: Trevor Bača
Subject: Re: Reorganizing the contents of the \paper block
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 16:54:40 -0600

On 2/7/07, Han-Wen Nienhuys <address@hidden> wrote:
Trevor Bača escreveu:

> Right now both list 1 and list 2 will just be put together into the
> outside-of-score (\paper) bucket.
> But it seems that may list 1 is really concerned with the *the layout
> of music on the page* whereas list 2 is concerned with *adding headers
> and footers outside the music*.
> So does it make sense to divide list 1 and list 2? And if so, with what
> names?

I think this doesn't make sense. There are two output-def objects with nested
scope. Variables that by their nature have \book-wide effect, go into the outer
scope, variables that are score-wide may be put in the inner scope.

If that confuses you, it might be a better idea to rename \layout  and \paper to
better reflect this.

Another point of clarification:

So this means there are really three levels of scope at which these
settings can be made ...

1. at score level (which is most specific)
2. at book level (which is intermediate), and
3. at top level

... as reflected in the following example:


\version "2.11.16"

\paper { indent = #100 }

\book {

  \paper { indent = #50 }

  \score {
     \new Staff { c'1 }
     \layout { indent = #0 }


%%% END %%%

If I comment out the score-level indent, then the book-level indent
will take over. If I comment out both the score-level and book-level
indents, then the top-level indent will take over.

Of course we're almost completely unaware of this most of the time
since probably no one ever explicitly instantiates \books.

Trevor Bača

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