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Re: German site update

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: German site update
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 22:12:05 +0200
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John Mandereau wrote:
 You needn't
send an email twice; if I don't reply quickly, just bug me with a
private email.

Ok, I know this now.

There was a nitpick with the committish in
about/engraving/input-format.html: it looks like you had made the patch
with a revision different from the web/master upstream.

Well, I still don't really know what is going on, and why just this file was making problems because I thought I made all changes for all the files and then commited them in one patch, so it is somehow strange to me that one file made a problem, especially because the contents of both files were identical to my eye.
Another thing I was wondering about: I did now git pull and got then the conflict in the about/engraving/input-format.html, but I also got the message that sponsor/options.html both from french and spanish were untracked and wondered about this, because I thought the pull would automatically update whatever changes have been made to them. But well, I just commited them to my local tree, hope this is ok.

Now I was thinking that I will probably also translate that part quite soon since you (translator teams) did this for french and spanish as well. Any improvements can then be added more quickly.
My idea was to manage them the same way as the pictures in the
site/switch/howto.html file that is to draw language-specific word on
the on compile time.

If you have Inkscape installed, you can go ahead on this, taking the
pictures in switch/howto as an example.

I will see if I understand that, and will then send my results.
 And altogether it might be worth some thinking if we should combine
the benchmarking and shubert file, because the example now given in
benchmarking gives kind of poor picture about the abilities of
nowaday's lilypond.

I guess this would imply updating the essay itself, which IMHO is up to
Jan and Han-Wen.

That is totally correct!
What do you exactly mean?  The files for the initial translation are

Documentation/user/lilypond.tely -> Documentation/LANG/user/lilypond.tely
Documentation/user/tutorial.itely -> Documentation/LANG/user/tutorial.itely
Documentation/ -> Documentation/LANG/

Note that lilypond.tely shouldn't be fully translated, i.e. translating
stuff in @iftex ... @end iftex blocs is useless as we don't generate
translated docs with TeX for now.

Yes, I was just some time ago quickly checking the directory and didn't immediately discover that.

The generated files will be marked as non tracked by git, so they are
not damageable.  However, I recommend to copy the sources to a different
directory before compiling them, especially if you plan to track both
stable and master branches on the same local repository, so you can go
on working on the sources while compiling.
Yes, probably I will make a new directory. I suppose I should also "fork" it with git to make it easy to introduce the changes then back to the main localgit repository?
Sounds promising, though I am afraid it will take me some time...

The tutorial is 1400 lines long.

 Ah yes, and how is it: is there also a script like check-translation
for the docs?

Yes, there is.  I'll have time to write a full README next week, when I
have a vacation.
Nice to hear.


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