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Re: German site update

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: German site update
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 18:17:52 +0100

Le lundi 12 février 2007 à 22:12 +0200, Till Rettig a écrit :
> John Mandereau wrote:
> > There was a nitpick with the committish in
> > about/engraving/input-format.html: it looks like you had made the patch
> > with a revision different from the web/master upstream.
> > 
> >   
> Well, I still don't really know what is going on, and why just this
> file was making problems because I thought I made all changes for all
> the files and then commited them in one patch, so it is somehow
> strange to me that one file made a problem, especially because the
> contents of both files were identical to my eye.
> Another thing I was wondering about: I did now git pull and got then
> the conflict in the about/engraving/input-format.html, but I also got
> the message that sponsor/options.html both from french and spanish
> were untracked and wondered about this, because I thought the pull
> would automatically update whatever changes have been made to them.
> But well, I just commited them to my local tree, hope this is ok.

Oh, I guess you had resolved a conflict about committishes by choosing
your revision, which was the wrong.  If unsure, always choose the hunks
from the upstream branch when resolving conflicts.

> Now I was thinking that I will probably also translate that part quite
> soon since you (translator teams) did this for french and spanish as
> well. Any improvements can then be added more quickly.


> > > My idea was to manage them the same way as the pictures in the
> > > site/switch/howto.html file that is to draw language-specific word on
> > > the on compile time.
> > >     
> > 
> > If you have Inkscape installed, you can go ahead on this, taking the
> > pictures in switch/howto as an example.
> > 
> >   
> I will see if I understand that, and will then send my results.

You should try to generate SVGs from lys retyped from scratch.


> > What do you exactly mean?  The files for the initial translation are
> > 
> > Documentation/user/lilypond.tely -> Documentation/LANG/user/lilypond.tely
> > Documentation/user/tutorial.itely -> Documentation/LANG/user/tutorial.itely
> > Documentation/ -> Documentation/LANG/
> > 
> > Note that lilypond.tely shouldn't be fully translated, i.e. translating
> > stuff in @iftex ... @end iftex blocs is useless as we don't generate
> > translated docs with TeX for now.
> > 
> >   
> Yes, I was just some time ago quickly checking the directory and
> didn't immediately discover that.

> Yes, probably I will make a new directory.

Yes, but not manually, because a new 'de' directory will be created
automatically in step 3) of

>  I suppose I should also "fork" it with git to make it easy to
> introduce the changes then back to the main localgit repository? 

Yes, you can use git checkout to create a new branch, and work on it.
That's not mandatory, but as that's cheap, don't be afraid of doing

John Mandereau <address@hidden>

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