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Re: Windows Releases

From: J L
Subject: Re: Windows Releases
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 16:38:14 +1300


There are actually two major problems with what the installer is currently doing: 1) It used to add the lilypond path near the start of the PATH variable (but I think that has been changed to be at the end at one point?) 2) It forces all python scripts to be run with the python bundled with lilypond. This is OK if you don't have any other (native) install of python on your computer, but it does cause problems if you do. Apart from problems related to modules not being found, it also breaks scripts that are dependant on features only available in a version newer than the installed one. 3) It removes all existing entries from the right-click context menu for python-scripts that were there by default.

I'm not so worried about the bundled scripts not running for me, as about breaking the stable setup I use for everything else (namely developing/using some of my own scripts, building other open-source projects I'm involved with).

Anyways, I'll be looking into adding some sort of way to make the registry entries for python-interpreter becoming optional (of course, it will be on by default, for all the windows users who wouldn't know better). I'm guessing that the file that the installer is build from is called lilypond.nsi in the GUB/nsis/ directory (or whatever it's called in git). There was a git.nsi file there as well, so I'm not sure which one it is.

J. Leung

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Subject: Re: Windows Releases
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 13:32:48 +0100
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As has already been stated. the Python bundled with LilyPond is
sufficiently functional to handle all the Python scripts such as midi2ly,
convert-ly, lilypond-book, ...
If you find any problem with any of these scripts, please send a bug report.

I guess your real problem is that you have installed the native Python for Windows package from and that LilyPond adds its own bin\ folder in front of that in the PATH. A solution to that would be add wrapper scripts around all these, just as is done in the LilyPond installation package for Linux. I remember
that there were some problems with using wrapper BAT scripts in the Windows
installation package some years ago, but if those problems only were related to
Win98, it might be worth to try a similar approach again.


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