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Re: Windows Releases (patch included)

From: J L
Subject: Re: Windows Releases (patch included)
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:25:47 +1300


Following a little bit of investigation, the changes I propose are given below. Sorry, I couldn't get a diff off git (no git installed here, and installing might be troublesome), so my 'hack' will be presented at the end of this mail.

All this really does, is it makes 'registering the lilypond-python as the default python' optional. By default, it should still be on, so no problems for people who just want working lilypond install. I'm guessing that this should work, but there is a chance it might not.

Joshua Leung


$File: GUB head -> nsis/lilypond.nsi

$Line 106 (remove that line):
Call registry_python

$Line 121 (add following lines):
;; Optional section (can be disabled by the user)
Section "Bundled Python"
        ;; Only make bundled python interpreter the default
        ;; if user wants it to be (i.e.  for the average windows
        ;; user who only cares that software works just like that)
        Call registry_python

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