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Re: Documentation translation

From: Jean-Charles
Subject: Re: Documentation translation
Date: Sat, 03 Mar 2007 20:45:53 +0100
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Le 03.03.2007 16:19, Till Rettig disait :
Hi John,

I will now slowly start the translation of the documentation. I got quite most things clear from your TRANSLATION file, many thanks to you for that! One thing is with the first file I started with: lilypond.tely. Here is a lot of nodes that are not mentioned in the nodenames hat should not be translated (with node I refer to the expression between the @ sign and some word after. Is this better to be called a field or command? Well, anyways, something like @title and so on should probably be translated directly since it appears only one time in the whole document.

Have a look to fr.po in order to guess how things work. In fact, I open it under emacs and navigate the docs in order to give the right meaning.

Another question: Will there be a de.po file automatically generated, or should I take the lilypond-doc.pot file and rename and translate it? I guess the letter is right after checking its contents.

Act just as you did for the website.

The language.po file should maybe still be added to the TRANSLATION cathegoy 1 files (or at least partly)? How does it influence the docs if the po file is already completely translated but the documents it refers to are not? Will the headers appear in the other language then?

Nodes, sections and subsections' name will appear in German, but not their content once you link to them. Check the user manual : it is like the site. Translated pages have a footer indicating they are available in other languages, as those which have not yet been translated do not have it.

Hope it will help!

Mach's gut


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