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Re: Punctuation after @ref

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Punctuation after @ref
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 18:06:06 +0200

Le mardi 14 août 2007 à 10:24 +0200, Francisco Vila a écrit :
> Yesterday we told about superfluous commas in English originals. Now
> I've found a commit that says exactly
> =============
> @ref{...} must *always* be followed by punctuation.
> 3bb76531e32eef98adf8349312f0e09800e53379 
> Author: Werner Lemberg <address@hidden>  2007-04-10 16:21:23
> Committer: Werner Lemberg <address@hidden>  2007-04-10 16:21:23
> Parent: 0fafa6ce40f750d57656502b2cac4e40ed4b2323 (Whitespace fixes.) 
> Child:  8058fadae4f6d278677335df4507a74b66691369 (Some optical
> improvements.)
> Branches: mytranslation, master, lilypond/mytranslation
> Follows: release/2.11.22-1
> Precedes: release/2.11.23-1
> =============
> See it in the web at:
> My question is, why is it so important? and, can I keep following my
> language rules in spite of this?

I think so -- we haven't add commas in French either, as these
punctuation rule makes non sense for the French translators.  I'm no
expert in this topic at all, but I suspect that a comma may be necessary
after @ref to explicitly tell where the end of the reference is.
However, references are clearly hilighted (or surrounded with '*' and
'::' in info standalone) in all output formats and viewers I tried, so
there must be another reason, maybe an English grammar rule.

Werner, can you tell what the real rule is?


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