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Re: lilypond SVG output

From: Stuart Pullinger
Subject: Re: lilypond SVG output
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 17:25:51 +0100

Hi Gary,

> I'd very much like to see Stuart's patches

I'm afraid I can't offer you an easy patch right now - I'm working with
an older version of Lilypond and I don't have the time right now to
tidy it up. I will look into this soon though. Have you seen my post
to the lilypond-user list?:

> SVG output from lilypond 2.11.27 currently specifies font-size as a 
> decimal float "font-size:2.19953140378937", this is broken in
> Firefox. Changing to "font-size:4px" works for me.

I hope I can point you towards the place to solve your problem. Have a
look at the file scm/output-svg.scm. In my source tree (2.11.20) there
are 2 functions which set the font-size - pango-description-to-svg-font
and svg-font. In pango-description-to-svg-font I changed line 142:

(/ size lily-unit-length))

and in svg-font I changed line 155:
size anchor))))
"4px" anchor))))

This works for me - it looks better in Firefox (

> I also changed the initial
> transform to "scale(5, 5)" and made the width and height much larger.

I'm not sure where this is set, maybe the placebox function in

I hope this helps,

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