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Re: Broken Spanish documentation

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: Broken Spanish documentation
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 00:03:08 +0200

El mar, 21-08-2007 a las 10:13 +0200, John Mandereau escribió:

> Maybe this is caused by your recent change to @documentencoding in
> es/user/lilypond.tely (UTF-8 -> utf-8) -- why did you want to write the
> encoding lower-case?

Mmm... let's have a closer look to the originals and their translations.

        Documentation/user$ grep -i documentencoding *
        lilypond-program.tely:@documentencoding utf-8
        lilypond.tely:@documentencoding utf-8
        music-glossary.tely:@documentencoding UTF-8

This gives 2-1 for lowercase vs. uppercase.

        Documentation/es/user$ grep -i documentencoding *
        lilypond.tely:@documentencoding utf-8

1-0 for lowercase, but the other two files do not exist in the es/user

        Documentation/es/user$ grep utf *

Here the results vary randomly between the two following versions:

        @c -*- coding: utf-8; mode: texinfo; documentlanguage: es -*-
        @c -*- coding: utf-8; mode: texinfo; -*-

The GREP-ing in the originals gives only the second of these, of course.

And now
        Documentation/user$ grep UTF *

The only meaningful result here is 

        music-glossary.tely:@documentencoding UTF-8

Is this all of any usefulness?

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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