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Re: GDP: rearrangement (third attempt)

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: GDP: rearrangement (third attempt)
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 17:44:34 +0200

Le lundi 10 septembre 2007 à 14:37 +0200, Mats Bengtsson a écrit :
> Graham Percival wrote:
> >
> >>>                + 6.6.2 Stems
> >>
> >> Currently, this subsection has nothing to do with polyphony.
> >> Furthermore it is layout specific, and should therefore be postponed.
> >
> > I have _always_ hated this section.  I remember trying -- and failing 
> > -- to find a home for it when I did my very first doc rearrangement, 
> > and it's still a pain.
> >
> > Help?  Anybody have a suggestion for where to move this to?  (or 
> > perhaps delete entirely, and put info about \stemDown... where?)
> How about some combined subsection on (ordinary) notes which deals with 
> both
> note heads and stems? Currently, we don't have any specific subsection 
> on note
> heads (though there are a few related to special notation). Any section 
> that
> describes \xxxDown and \xxxUp macros should also refer to the section
> that describes \voiceOne and \voiceTwo, since that's mostly a better 
> solution.
> (Sorry, couldn't help leaving the structure and talking about content 
> for a moment).

Tu sum up your suggestion, which I like quite much, I propose the
following section (inside chapter 7 "Decorating musical notation", and
replacing "Special use"):

7.6 Note heads and stems
   7.6.1 Stems
   7.6.2 Special noteheads
   7.6.3 Improvisation
   7.6.4 Selecting notation font size
   7.6.5 Hidden notes
   7.6.6 Parentheses

My two cents: maybe "Parentheses" should be included in a (sub)section
in chapter 7, called "Editorial notation", which would also deal with
bracketed dynamics for example.  Then, I don't know where to move
"Coloring objects", what a pain!  What about including it as an example
subsection in "9.3 The \override command", with proper index entries,
and adding a "See also" link from the main page of chapter 7?


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