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regression tests, not GDP

From: Graham Percival
Subject: regression tests, not GDP
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 13:15:56 -0700
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As Trevor said, I'm trying to keep discussions about GDP focused. So I'd like to close off a few branches of discussion:

1) Who has a copy of web/master in git laying around? Please make a webpage that links to the regression checks and the comparisons. Link to it from... well, wherever you want. Probably either devel/ or devel/participating.

Advanced users will be able to find it, the programmers and bug people will have it bookmarked, and new users looking at the main doc page won't get confused. Everybody wins.

2) the Program Reference is *entirely* outside the scope of GDP. You know the phrase "... where angels fear to tread"? That's how I feel about those docs.

Can we think of a billion ways to improve them? Yes. Do I have a clue how to implement any of them? No (other than really simple things). Is it helpful to list pie-in-the-sky features that likely will never be implemented? ... I'd say generally no, but hey, if you enjoy doing that, I won't stop you.

If you _personally_ know how to modify the program reference (it's constructed via scheme and/or python and/or C++ and/or prayers and/or angel dust), and are willing to spend the time to make such changes, please speak up. Otherwise, be aware that your discussions about the Program Reference will be as fruitful as planning a manned mission to Mars.

Again, I'm sorry to be a wet blanket. I'm just doing this to save everybody's time and effort, since I honestly don't think this discussion will amount to anything.
- Graham

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