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Re: regression tests, not GDP

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: regression tests, not GDP
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 22:41:08 +0200

Le mardi 11 septembre 2007 à 13:15 -0700, Graham Percival a écrit :
> As Trevor said, I'm trying to keep discussions about GDP focused.  So 
> I'd like to close off a few branches of discussion:
> 1)  Who has a copy of web/master in git laying around?

As a translator, I always do.

>   Please make a 
> webpage that links to the regression checks and the comparisons.  Link 
> to it from... well, wherever you want.  Probably either devel/ or 
> devel/participating.

devel/participating/ looks like the right place.  We should also move
there comparison links from documentation.

> Advanced users will be able to find it, the programmers and bug people 
> will have it bookmarked, and new users looking at the main doc page 
> won't get confused.  Everybody wins.

Besides this, even if we removed the regtests link from the doc index,
the regtests are still present in the docball, so I second Jan's
suggestion about creating a new page for developer
resources, with a link from

Graham, if you agree with these suggestions, I'll go ahead, not before
Friday though.

> If you _personally_ know how to modify the program reference (it's 
> constructed via scheme and/or python and/or C++ and/or prayers and/or 
> angel dust), and are willing to spend the time to make such changes, 
> please speak up.  Otherwise, be aware that your discussions about the 
> Program Reference will be as fruitful as planning a manned mission to
> Mars.

Good idea, I plan to go to Mars (i.e. learning Scheme) asap, maybe next
Summer :-P


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