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Re: Compiling lilypond on a Mac

From: Jared Grubb
Subject: Re: Compiling lilypond on a Mac
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 20:19:54 -0700

>>>> Han-Wen: You appear to have misconfigured fontconfig;

You were right. It turns out FONTCONFIG_FILE was pointing to something that didnt exist. I fixed it by doing:

* export FONTCONFIG_FILE=/etc/fonts/fonts.conf
* ./configure --with-ncsb-dir=/sw/share/ghostscript/fonts
* make && make test-baseline

and everything finally worked. Wow, that was an adventure getting things working on the Mac! Thanks for your help!


On 28 Sep 2007, at 09:16, Trevor Bača wrote:

On 9/28/07, Trevor Bača <address@hidden> wrote:
On 9/21/07, Jared Grubb <address@hidden> wrote:
I am trying to compile Lilypond devel branches (tried 28 to 33) and I
*finally* got them to compile, but I cannot get them to pass the
test-baseline set:

$ ./configure --with-ncsb-dir=/sw/share/ghostscript/fonts
$ make
$ make test-baseline
 (.....) (GNU LilyPond) @TOPLEVEL_VERSION@
Reading out-test/collated-files.tely...
Writing snippets...
Running lilypond...GNU LilyPond 2.11.33
command failed: ...../lilypond .....(assume you know this stuff)....
Child returned 1
make[3]: *** [out-test/collated-files.texi] Error 1
make[2]: *** [local-test] Error 2
make[1]: *** [test] Error 2
make: *** [test-baseline] Error 2

I tried 2.11.28, 2.11.30, 2.11.32, 2.11.33 and get similar errors. The latest stable release passes all the tests just fine. Any idea what I
have done wrong?




(by the way... here is a step-by-step on what I had to do to get
Lilypond to compile on Mac... it was quite a bit of work, so I
documented it step-by-step in order to help anyone else who attempts
to do this! It also might give some insight into something I did wrong?)

NOTE 1: I had to use Fink, because there is an issue in GMP on Mac-intels, and I tried all sorts of work-arounds but could NOT get guile to compile.
Therefore, I decided to do all the building from inside Fink.

NOTE 2: Always try to build/install from source. Fink didn't find the dependencies on some of the packages right, so some of the source builds failed for me (I will mark those). Later, we will go back through and
retry it once we get through the list once, and it should work then.

NOTE 3: This is a list of things that must be done from a fresh Mac OS/X install. Make sure to install XCode and X11 tools from the Mac disks.

-1) Get python 2.5.
0) download and install fink. Then, make sure to "selfupdate". The package
list from the initial fink install is too out-dated and some of the
packages wont show up (like guile18)
1) guile18, guile18-dev, guile18-doc, guile-libs, guile18-shlibs from source
2) bison from source
3) pkgconfig from source
4) autoconf from source
5) freetype2 from source
6) You now should install fontconfig2. Unfortunately, the fink package did not build all the tools (specifically fc-match). So instead, download 2.4.1 from the fontconfig2 website, and build and install from that source,
NOT fink.
7) fontforge from source (the binary version is very old). I got an error in the build process that it could not find libpng12.dylib. The library search path was not working right, and I couldnt' figure out how to get the right
path in. So, I cheated with a
"sudo ln -s /sw/lib/libpng12.dylib /usr/local/lib/libpng12.dylib"
and the build worked perfect.
8) gd2 from binary (this one would not compile from source)
9) t1lib5 from binary (this one wouldn't compile from source)

At this point, I tried to get mftrace to install, but it required tetex, which would not compile. From a forum post, I learned that my X11 config was broken. So, I had to do a reinstall of X11User.pkg and X11SDK.pkg from
the Mac system disc. Then, it worked!

10) mftrace from source (bin is too old)
11) pango1-xft2-ft219, pango1-xft2-ft219-dev, pango1-xft2-ft219- shlibs
from source
12) glib2, glib2-dev, glib2-shlibs from source

If you installed any of the packages above from binary, go back now and install from source. In my trials, lilypond would not compile right, but after I rebuilt all the above from source, it finally compiled just fine!

Now, I found a nice forum post from lilypond list archives and set the
following environment variables:
* export  PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/sw/lib/fontconfig2/lib/pkgconfig:
* export GUILE_CONFIG=guile-1.8-config
* export PYTHON=/sw/bin/python2.5
* export GUILE=/sw/bin/guile-1.8

And, now, time to build lilypond. Note the option for configure; without this option, configure will find TTF files instead of the PFB files....
* ./configure --with-ncsb-dir=/sw/share/ghostscript/fonts
* make

Hi Jared,

This is very, very cool. I haven't built since I was on a (non-Intel)
G4 under OS X. And I've been meaning to get around to building on my
Intel OS X box for a while now. So this should really help.

So did you get past the baseline tests?

Ack. Just saw you other thread that you have not yet made it past the
baselines. Hm. Possibly one of the OS X gurus will have an idea ...

Trevor Bača
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