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From: Graham Percival
Subject: Leaving
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 02:52:10 -0800

With the end of 2007, I am announcing my intention to leave

I began using LilyPond in the summer of 2001.  For the next three
years, I wrote a lot of music, and gave a tiny amount of help for
the project.  Then I finished my first degree and moved to a
different university.  I also became the Documentation Editor,
since nobody else was willing to do it.

For the next three and a half years and almost three thousand
hours, I gave a huge amount of help to the project, but only wrote
a tiny amount of music.  Two pieces, to be exact: both chamber
music, and both under five pages in full score.  Music composition
is no longer a part of my life; I'm now a grad student in
computers science.  I'm still connected to music: I'm working on
Computer-Assisted Musical Instrument Tutoring programs,
particularly focusing on violin.  (if anybody's curious about this
area, I could send them some of my conference publications.)

I remain committed to open-source projects -- more than ever,
since I am now a capable programmer.  But I think I've done enough
for LilyPond: as some users have noted, we have one of the
best-organized docs of any project.  Now I would like to
contribute to other projects, and begin sharing my *own*
open-source projects.

I am not abruptly leaving, though.  That would be unfair to
whoever replaced me: I have a lot of experience with the lilypond
docs and project management.  I will therefore remain in the
project for the next few months.  This is _solely_ so that I can
mentor my replacement(s), please see the email "Leaving:
replacements".  Don't treat my staying for another X months an
excuse to remain inactive until then; please begin helping *now*,
so that I can teach you how to do these tasks efficiently.

- Graham Percival, LilyPond Documentation Editor and Bug Meister.

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