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RE: Leaving

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: RE: Leaving
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 11:21:47 -0000


I'm sure everyone on this list will wish to express their
appreciation for everything you have done for the LilyPond
project and the many users of LilyPond.  To say we shall
miss you is the biggest understatement of the year!  If
every user was willing to contribute just 1% of the effort
you have put in, the project would be transformed.

May I just add that in writing part of the documentation
is great for learning how LilyPond operates!  I have learnt
more from doing this than from any amount of transcribing
music.  I am certainly willing to continue to contribute
to the docs in this way, although at a less intense level
than before.

I know you're not disconnecting right away, but good luck
with your new projects.

Trevor D

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> Graham Percival
> Sent: 01 January 2008 10:52
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> Subject: Leaving
> With the end of 2007, I am announcing my
> intention to leave
> LilyPond.
> I began using LilyPond in the summer of 2001.
> For the next three
> years, I wrote a lot of music, and gave a tiny
> amount of help for
> the project.  Then I finished my first degree and
> moved to a
> different university.  I also became the
> Documentation Editor,
> since nobody else was willing to do it.
> For the next three and a half years and almost
> three thousand
> hours, I gave a huge amount of help to the
> project, but only wrote
> a tiny amount of music.  Two pieces, to be exact:
> both chamber
> music, and both under five pages in full score.
> Music composition
> is no longer a part of my life; I'm now a grad student in
> computers science.  I'm still connected to music:
> I'm working on
> Computer-Assisted Musical Instrument Tutoring programs,
> particularly focusing on violin.  (if anybody's
> curious about this
> area, I could send them some of my conference
> publications.)
> I remain committed to open-source projects --
> more than ever,
> since I am now a capable programmer.  But I think
> I've done enough
> for LilyPond: as some users have noted, we have one of the
> best-organized docs of any project.  Now I would like to
> contribute to other projects, and begin sharing my *own*
> open-source projects.
> I am not abruptly leaving, though.  That would be
> unfair to
> whoever replaced me: I have a lot of experience
> with the lilypond
> docs and project management.  I will therefore
> remain in the
> project for the next few months.  This is
> _solely_ so that I can
> mentor my replacement(s), please see the email "Leaving:
> replacements".  Don't treat my staying for
> another X months an
> excuse to remain inactive until then; please
> begin helping *now*,
> so that I can teach you how to do these tasks efficiently.
> Cheers,
> - Graham Percival, LilyPond Documentation Editor
> and Bug Meister.
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