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Re: AW: incipit and SystemStartBrace/Bracket etc.

From: Till Rettig
Subject: Re: AW: incipit and SystemStartBrace/Bracket etc.
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 17:29:54 +0200
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Stefan Slapeta schrieb:
With some trial and error I managed in the D.5.1 ancient music template to
move the SystemStartBracket (using #'extra-offset) towards the end of the
incipit so that it is placed at the beginning of the modern notation.
Attached an image. I'm sure with \startStaff and \stopStaff I can tweak
looks of the incipit even more to my liking.

Do you mean putting a space between incipit and real score?
At first I thought that would be a good idea but later I realized that's not
what most of today's editions do (if this is of any interest...)

I put together some incipit examples of common editions together, just if
anybody is interested:
Yes, quite interesting. Some, it appears to me, might even be due to restrictions in the notation software used (like the Isaac missa). I like a tiny space, though, even it is so rare in your examples. But there could be another example in the snippets just demonstrating the moving of the bracket without the space.
I am also thinking about adding more than the first note to each line in the incipit, this also seems to be common.

But the placing of the
SystemStartBracket is tricky, because the layout of the first system might
change, and then the bracket would print in a wrong place.


So that's some kind of hack as well :-)
I guess it is all about hacks so far, unless you program a solution ;-)
Another aproach (recenly but also earlier mentioned in mailing list) would
embed \score inside instrumentName, but then the vertical alignment is a
tricky, dependend on extent of lyrics in the incipit, etc.


Yes. The best solution so far (for this approach) is assigning the text
directly to notes (via _"...") because it ties these two things together
very tightly, which makes the vertical displacement of the incipit very
For me, that's something I can live with. However, if somebody wants to
produce a professional score...
Yes, see the snippet repository for a working example.
In the examples, again, there are only two or three that actually add the text. When thinking what is the
meaning of an incipit this seems quite reasonable: it should only tell the original key, modus, reduction of the
transcription and keys used in the original. One example obviously tries to imitate the look of the (obviously
printed) orginal score (namely the last one on page 10) and puts the whole word as lyrics, not only one sylable.
This even more would justify the use of a markup instead of lyrics. Did you try playing with some offsets?

And there is one more annoying issue: at the moment, every incipit staff
must have the same duration so that you have to insert useless skip
sequences for padding of shorter durations.
This is firstly very time-consuming and secondly hard to understand for
somebody who is new to this tool.
This is only an issue with the "one score" example, if you use the markup method you can have different lengths.


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