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Re: syntax colored lilypond code in docs?

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: syntax colored lilypond code in docs?
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 16:44:19 +0100

2008/1/18, Wilbert Berendsen <address@hidden>:

> I create the syntax colored Lilycode HTML with Kate (KDE's editor). But while
> busy I thought it would be nice to have (not too intrusive) colored HTML in
> the documentation. The syntax highlighting should be added
> automagically, i.e. no *.itely files should be changed, just the build
> process should add the highlighting somehow, using some python script that
> could even get its words from the lily sourcecode like the .vim files.

Another possibility would be to use a simple JavaScript function to
automatically color the code on the client side: perhaps you would be
interested in having a look at the following script I adapted a few
months ago, in an attempt to make a LilyPond web editor:

I implemented the full LilyPond API in regexps; then it is colored
using a simple CSS sheet.

> I started trying to find where to begin, but: does Texinfo support colors? If
> it does, can @verbatim still be used? If not, how would I get a colored PDF?
> (Is that desired anyway?)

Of course, it could be great to have colored code in the PDF docs as well :)

> I'm quite proficient in HTML, but not in texinfo/dvi etc. But the nicest
> option would be have colored lilypond input in the PDF as well.


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