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Re: [PATCH] Fix dimensions for several output variables

From: Joe Neeman
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Fix dimensions for several output variables
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2008 20:46:37 -0700

On Sat, 2008-09-06 at 20:19 -0700, Patrick McCarty wrote:
> Hello,
> Attached is a patch to fix the interpretation of dimensions for a few
> output variables.  Currently, no matter the unit specified, the
> dimensions for the variables listed in the patch are converted to
> millimeters, but are interpreted as staff-spaces.  This leads to
> measurements that are proportional to the staff size instead of
> precise measurements.
> Only scm/paper.scm is modified, and since the listed dimensions can
> now be correctly set, the default settings in ly/ may
> need to be adjusted to taste.  ;-)

A very nitpicky comment, but given that you've put all of the dimensions
on separate lines, could you sort them alphabetically? (If you use
emacs, "M-x sort-lines" is useful)


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