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Docs - unfretted strings

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Docs - unfretted strings
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 11:35:36 +0100

I just got round to looking at Unfretted strings in the Notation
Reference, and I'm not very happy with this subdivision.  At present
it includes bowed strings and plucked strings, which gives rise to
at least two problems. First, having two sub-divisions pushes the real content down a level, which is not consistent with other sections
in NR 2, and secondly the included instruments have little in common,
for example harps share virtually nothing with 'cellos (other than
elements common to all instruments).

One possibility is to split this section into two:

NR 2.x Bowed instruments
       to include all the orchestral strings
       to be placed after Keyboard instruments

NR 2.y Unfretted plucked instruments
       to include harps, zithers, etc
       to be placed after Fretted string instruments

Any other suggestions?

John, Reinhold

This would mean splitting unfretted.itely into two files.
Would this give you any problems at this late stage?


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