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Re: Lilypond code/feature freeze for 2.12

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: Lilypond code/feature freeze for 2.12
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 16:09:55 +0200

On 2008/09/22 23:19 +0200, Matthias Neeracher wrote:
> On Sep 22, 2008, at 23:13 , John Mandereau wrote:

> > Thanks, but we can check Python version from Python scripts
> > themselves,
> > before importing the problematic modules:
> The risk there is that if you do that, you can't modify the scripts to
> point to python2.4, and will have to change the version of the default
> "python" binary.

I don't understand the point; warning the user is better than printing a
Python traceback, isn't it?  Using the right Python version for our
scripts among those installed is another issue, which we can only deal
with in the documentation, as we don't ship Python in MacOS binaries.
I documented in Git master branch how to make convert-ly and
lilypond-book work on MacOS 10.3/4, can some Mac user checks if it's

> > if sys.hexversion < 0x02040000:
> > error ("Python 2.4 or newer is required.\n\nIf your operating system
> > is
> > Mac OS X, please install Python from
> >";)
> Actually you can do even a tiny bit better than that by following that
> with a call to
> system ("open";)

Good idea, done in Git (with the link suggested by Carl).


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