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Re: contributor/user split in docs

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Re: contributor/user split in docs
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 06:53:43 -0700

On 1/1/09 10:26 PM, "Graham Percival" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi all,
> While I was working on the new website, I realized that the info I
> was adding would work better as a manual rather than a few web
> pages.  Therefore, in Feb (after 2.13 starts), I'll be creating a
> new manual: the Contributor's Guide.

Great idea!

> (I /was/ going to call it the Developer's Guide, but then I
> realized that "DG" has rather a unfortunate meaning amongst
> computer geeks in my generation, and if my friends heard that I
> was working on the "new DG manual" I'd never live it down. :)
> This will contain the INSTALL docs, doc policy, "working with
> texinfo" stuff, the git guide, info about what all the branches
> are, where to find gub, any potential tips to translators or
> bugfixers, code style, policy for bug reports, checklist for
> normal and major releases, etc.  Generally, I'll be combining all
> the README documents that nobody (including me) looks at and
> putting them all in one place.  I'll also try to write down all
> the `oral tradition' knowledge about lilypond that various people
> have.

I'm currently working on a README for Frogs, so that I can give them
something to get started with.  It would be great in the Contributor's

Four things that don't currently exist that ought to go in the Contributor's

1) How to make a stable version and a development version coexist on your

2) How to build the code with debug information, and how to use a debugger
with LilyPond

3) How to get LilyPond running and make it pause at a guile prompt so that
you have the full LilyPond guile environment in order to do some exploring
in Scheme

4) A brief overview of how LilyPond processes a file, perhaps extracted from
Erik Sandberg's thesis.
> ... actually, on second thought, perhaps I don't need to wait.  I
> don't think that anything in there should be translated; the
> translators need to read enough English to understand the main
> docs so they should be able to handle their instructions, and (for
> better or worse) we do everything else in English.

I agree with this, but John's opinion is certainly more important than mine.

> John, your opinions as both Translation Guy and the person who'd
> be adding the stubs for this to the build system?  :)
> (starting from next Sep, I should have a linux machine powerful
> enough to build lilypond, so my excuse will be gone.  However,
> until then... ;)

I'm building lilypond on my MacBook; why can't you ;)?


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