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Re: PATCH: Consolidate autobeaming to one property that controls it

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: PATCH: Consolidate autobeaming to one property that controls it
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 2009 21:56:35 -0500
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Carl Sorensen wrote:
At *long* last I have completed my changes to the autobeaming rules.

The rietveld patch set is available at:

The objective is to get all information that affects autobeaming in a single
place, so a single override will adjust the autobeam settings.

Autobeam settings also affect measure grouping, so the
measure_grouping_engraver needed to be rewritten as well.

Once the dust for this patch has settled, I will then attack the beam
subdivision code.

Please review this extensive patch and give me comments.

I can't comment on particulars of the code, but as a user this works very well. It does seem more intuitive, less cumbersome. I haven't had to override beam settings much in my scores, but I tried the new method in the few where I know I did, and it worked very well. I also created a test file where I changed beaming properties on 8th and 16th notes to various groupings and it worked as expected on the first try in every case. That in itself is an improvement over the old way of doing things. I like it.

Thanks very much, Carl. :)

Jonathan Kulp

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