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Re: LM Errata

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: LM Errata
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2009 08:01:30 -0500
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Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
Hello, Here's errata for the LM.  Some of these are very
subjective, so just pick and choose what seems appropriate.
Others are just typos or examples that aren't showing up.

Thanks for making the LM so nice!


1.1 Background Engraving

1st paragraph: "The plate would be inked, the depressions..." to "The plate would be inked, and the depressions..."

1st paragraph: "completely done" to "done completely"

2nd paragraph: "obvious advantages;" (semicolon) to "obvious
advantages:" (colon)

3rd paragraph: "Our flat symbol is designed after, among
others, this one. It is rounded," to "Our flat symbol is
designed after this one, among others."

5th paragraph "The upper two measures are printed with this
correction, the lower two measures without, forming
down-stem/up-stem clumps of notes." to "The upper two measures
are printed with this correction; the lower two measures,
however, form down-stem/up-stem clumps of notes."

6th paragraph "so nitpicking about typographical details may
seem academical." to "so nitpicking typographical details may
seem academic."

6th paragraph "If a musician looks away once or has a lapse in
concentration, the lines might lose their place on the page." to "If a musician looks away once or has a lapse in
concentration, he/she may easily lose their place on the page."

This last one is grammatically incorrect, as it mixes singular (a musician, he/she) and plural (their). Better to say something like "A distinct visual signature helps to keep musicians from losing their place [on the page] when they look away or have a lapse in concentration."

Maybe even deleted the "on the page" part.

Thanks for working on this, Jonathan. I guess everyone has to call me "Jon" now to avoid confusion. ;)

Jonathan Kulp

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